10/31/11When Is Alternative Transportation Provided?

When Is Alternative Transportation Provided?

After an accident it is always a good idea to check the road worthiness of your vehicle.  If the damage is minor and your car is drivable, your insurance company will prefer (and in some cases demand) that you not get a rental vehicle until the repairs have begun on your vehicle.  If this is the case, once we have completed the estimate and scheduled your repairs, we will also reserve a rental vehicle for you.  On the morning that you drop off your vehicle for repairs, we coordinate with Enterprise and you get in the rental car quickly and smoothly.

If you feel that your vehicle is not safe to drive, we can help arrange to tow your vehicle here and get you into a rental vehicle.  If you carry rental reimbursement on your policy, Enterprise will set-up a direct bill with your insurance company.

If you do not have rental reimbursement on your vehicle we can still arrange for the rental with Enterprise.  Generally, they can extend a discount to you since you are paying out of pocket.

Of course, if you are local we can always provide you with ride to your home, work, bus or train station!