4/9/14Mom! I Cleaned my Room! (better auto body repairs!)

A customer commented today that he was impressed with how neat and orderly an auto body shop we had.  Thank you!  My Mom is rolling in her grave to some extent as her half serious, half playful words still echo from 40 some-odd years ago, “Michael, you are a slob!”.  Well, her admonitions and clearly our team efforts in Process Centered Environment have helped.  A clean and organized office and shop is not only more pleasing to our customers, it is also more productive, safe and efficient.  In our efforts, a key component is 5S: Sort, Set in Order, Sweep, Standardize and Sustain.  Just like most things, easier said than done.  We keep learning and pushing forward to make sure our customers are not only praising the way the office and shop look, but feel the difference in our auto body repair efficiency, quality and speed.  No more, “ahh Mom, I’ll get to it later…”!

by Mike Grant