7/21/14Aluminum Auto Body Repair: Bring it On!

Collex will be ready to repair the all-aluminum Ford F150 (and any other aluminum vehicle you need us to repair)!  Although aluminum has been in a select number of vehicles for several years, the Ford F150 is the first top selling vehicle to go aluminum which will drastically change the automotive industry.  Aluminum is a much lighter metal and as manufacturers continue to grapple with extending gas mileage, other car companies may follow Ford’s lead.  Aluminum repair requires a separate work area to prevent contamination from different metals, several pieces of dedicated equipment to repair the vehicle properly and a good amount of additional training.  As Collex auto body is already Ford certified, we are in the process of finishing our aluminum investments to be ready to repair aluminum properly and safely.  Just as we were the first in the region to move to waterborne paint back in 2009, we will be ready to service this new direction in vehicle technology as well… Bring it on!

by Mike Grant