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10/12/15Collex Auto Body certified ‘Gold Class’ in Training

The pace of vehicle technology is accelerating.  Different materials, electronics and advanced safety features are only a few examples… And all of these changes require repair technicians to have the knowledge, tools and equipment to make repairs properly and safely.  […]

6/12/15Collex Auto Body wins National Customer Satisfaction Award for 7th Year in a Row!

Consistency.  Teamwork.  Focus on the customer.  Auto body training.  Much goes into it and we are extremely proud of our recognition as an AutocheX Premier Satisfaction Award Winner… again.   This marks our 7th year in a row of being […]

5/19/15Character at Collex Auto Body

Character means a lot to us at Collex.  One of our teammates recently shared an article his daughter wrote and was asked to publish at her college not too long ago.  As a father of an eleven year-old daughter myself, […]

3/5/15Angie’s List Super Service Award!

Your own Collex Collision Experts here in Shrewsbury, NJ earned the esteemed Angie’s List Super Service Award for 2014!  Collex auto body has earned the service industry’s coveted award, reflecting an exemplary year of service provided to members of the […]

7/21/14Aluminum Auto Body Repair: Bring it On!

Collex will be ready to repair the all-aluminum Ford F150 (and any other aluminum vehicle you need us to repair)!  Although aluminum has been in a select number of vehicles for several years, the Ford F150 is the first top […]

6/9/14Collex Auto Body and Vendor Relations

Good vendor relationships help make a great auto body repair facility.  Collex auto body was happy to partner with 3M to review new products and participate in demonstrations.  We hosted the event as we have both the space for presentation […]

5/21/14Auto Body Repair Training

As a small company, it’s a challenge to make sure everyone is getting the proper training.  We are too small for a human resource department and often times we face the dilemma of ‘production vs training’.  Fortunately, we utilize our […]

4/17/14Collex Auto Body wins Customer Satisfaction Award (again)!

A cornerstone of focusing on Process Centered Environment is to insure our efforts ultimately make a positive affect for our customers – adding value in service, quality, comfort, confidence or all of the above.  We are ecstatic to say that […]

4/9/14Mom! I Cleaned my Room! (better auto body repairs!)

A customer commented today that he was impressed with how neat and orderly an auto body shop we had.  Thank you!  My Mom is rolling in her grave to some extent as her half serious, half playful words still echo […]

3/17/14No Waste! Well, Let’s Reduce it Anyway…

No Waste!  A big part of our improvement efforts is to shine a big mirror upon ourselves and try to get rid of waste (big mirrors are always good, a little uncomfortable, but very, very necessary, no?!?).  So to make […]